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Freetargets Friend or Foe

Freetargets is happy to announce the first affordable and professional Friend-or-Foe training scene for our Freetargets Trainer

Our training unit enhances your skills in the following areas

  • Identification Friend or Foe
  • Hit accuracy
  • Reaction speed

Advantages of our Freetargets Friend-or-Foe

  • Create your own randomely displayed

    • Friends pictures
      • Uninvolved with harmless objects in their hands
        (270 Friends are already integrated)
    • Enemies pictures
      • Choose the appearance according to your threat situation
        (234 Enemies are already integrated)
    • Background pictures
      • Detecting friends and enemies with camouflage suits
        (68 Backgrounds are already integrated)
    • Select your shot noise
      (36 Shot noises are already integrated)
    • More inspiration on Pinterest
  • Document your progress or that of your students 

    • Hit accuracy
    • Total duration of your training session
    • Printout or email
  • Create your own scenarios

    • Choose the distance and the number of displayed panels
    • Set the display duration time individually
    • Train only with targets or with the friend-foe detection
    • Set the ratio of displayed friends and enemies
    • Choose single-shot or double-shot training
    • Set the duration of the session according to your magazine capacity

No training session is like the other. Within your settings, all panels are randomly displayed. An adaptation to a session is therefore impossible

Inform yourself about the countless training variants on our homepage

This training scenario works together with our Freetargets Trainer


Buy Now$49.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $49 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Friend-or-Foe V1.0 220 MB

Download demo

Friend-or-Foe-Demo V1.0 220 MB


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Hello Freetargets team

Have I understood that correctly ?
Can I build my own shooting range with the trainer at home and then play all the old Lightgun games?
I still remember Virtua Cop and Time Crisis well and is it now possible to revive them with your own weapon?
I saw your trainer on the homepage. Where can I buy it? I didn't find the trainer software anywhere.

greetings any

(2 edits)

Hello Anymore

yes, you understood that correctly. Our trainer, the shot detection software, can control any external software, whether it is a commercial game, a console emulator or a browser game.
Any weapon is suitable, as long as it is a DAO weapon, for example a Glock needs a specially designed striker and modified trigger to set the laser cartridges off (see examples of laser training systems)
I prefer to use airsoft weapons, these are almost identical in shape and weight to real weapons and with the blowback versions it is really fun